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Business councils commend the strategic role of the Abu Dhabi Chamber in supporting the growth of businesses


A number of business councils have commended the strategic role of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry in contributing to the growth of the private sector in Abu Dhabi, reflecting the Chamber’s efforts in supporting business councils that operate under its umbrella. By providing them with various means of support and cooperation mechanisms, ADCCI aims to propel these councils towards broad development horizons. These councils serve as accelerators and incubators for both local and international private sector companies, thereby strengthening Abu Dhabi’s position as a major global destination for doing business. They also play an important role in enhancing bilateral trade and investment between the UAE and numerous countries worldwide.

ADCCI organizes periodic meetings with 23 business councils to understand their goals, discuss collaboration opportunities, and build partnerships. These efforts aim to foster dialogue and enhance the investment environment locally. They also ensure that the Council’s perspectives are communicated to the relevant government authorities. Discussions revolve around project developments and new investment opportunities in various commercial and industrial sectors. The Chamber also receive these councils’ official trade delegations, having received 40 official delegations over the past year.”


His Excellency Ahmed Khalifa Al Qubaisi, Chief Executive Officer of ADCCI, said, “We recognize the crucial role that business councils, associated with the Abu Dhabi Chamber, play in our strategic framework. Our commitment to these councils is demonstrated through our ongoing support and collaborations in meetings that we hold regularly. We understand very well the great importance they represent in promoting dialogue, developing partnerships, and understanding the ambitions of global private sector companies and foreign investors. This understanding aids in boosting our national economy, aligning with the future goals of the UAE Centennial Plan 2071.”

“Business councils play a vital and prominent role in enhancing the dynamic and growing business ecosystem in Abu Dhabi. They provide us with the opportunity to build bridges of cooperation with foreign investors, build strong relationships with international companies, communicate with business communities, and create more regional and global partnerships that contribute to improving the sustainable national economy," he added.


Leaders of several business councils in Abu Dhabi expressed their gratitude for the UAE government, extending their gratitude to the Abu Dhabi Chamber in particular. They attributed their numerous accomplishments to the Chamber’s initiatives and year-round efforts. These include organizing training and educational courses and awareness workshops on new legislations and laws, including them in various commercial and economic activities, and addressing their challenges. The Chamber also facilitates experience sharing, publishes studies, and announces new investment opportunities and partnerships. These efforts align with the goals of entrepreneurs and advance the efforts of foreign investors in the Emirate.

Kim Schofield, Chairperson of AmCham Abu Dhabi, said: “The business ecosystem in Abu Dhabi provides American companies with ideal opportunities for growth and expansion in the markets of the region’s countries. It provides all the elements enabling companies and investments to achieve sustainable growth in the long term.

We thank the Abu Dhabi Chamber for its continuous support for the business sectors in the Emirate, whether by providing all necessary support for success, enabling companies and businesses to benefit from technical expertise and economic studies, or through the business councils which are considered as an ideal platform to enhance cooperation and partnership.”

Nick Cochrane-Dyet, Chair of the British Chamber of Commerce Abu Dhabi, said: “The UAE, and Abu Dhabi in particular, is considered one of the best destinations for investment and business. It possesses a competitive environment based on strategic public-private partnerships, developing legal and legislative frameworks supporting an economic system that stimulates company growth and prosperity.

The Abu Dhabi Chamber plays a vital role in strengthening this partnership, supporting its affiliated business councils, enabling them to participate in pursuing development and prosperity by involving them in enhancing the attractiveness of the business ecosystem and the competitiveness of the private sector.

This is achieved by providing opportunities for companies and investors to submit proposals and ideas that transform challenges into promising opportunities, contributing to pushing sectors towards new prospects of growth and sustainable expansion.”

Mohammad Al-Maaytah, Chairman of the Jordanian Emirati Business Council stated: “Our trade and investment relations with the UAE are strong and deep-rooted, as government decisions and policies have always contributed to strengthening the efforts of Jordanian businessmen and investors at the local level, opening prosperous prospects of cooperation for them at the regional and global levels.

The Abu Dhabi Chamber also exerts prominent and exceptional efforts in conveying our voice to the authorities in the Emirate. In addition to its constant and continuous endeavors, The Chamber provided Jordanian entrepreneurs with many new investments and commercial opportunities and organized various events and workshops to inform us of all economic and investment developments at the local and global levels.

This is in addition to the economic reports that it continuously issues, and other projects and initiatives that serve the aspirations of the Jordanian Emirates Business Council, taking into account that the Abu Dhabi Chamber has contributed to organizing many economic meetings and events that bring together businessmen, investors, and companies operating in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi with visiting economic delegations from Jordan, hosted by the Jordanian Emirates Business Council.”

Dr. Syed Qaiser Anis, President of the Pakistan Business Professional Council Abu Dhabi (PBPC) remarked: “The endless support provided by the Abu Dhabi Chamber to the business councils in Abu Dhabi has contributed to enhancing cooperation, joint trade, and investment exchange with various local and international companies and at the private sector level.

Through periodic meetings and official visits, we realized many achievements. Together we found more joint trade and investment opportunities that pushed Pakistani companies to find new development prospects, helping them flourish, advance, and consolidate their position in the local market, which possesses a prominent position at the regional and global levels. We look forward to more cooperation in the coming years to serve the business ecosystem and investors on both sides.”

Sharad Bhandari at Indian Business & Professional Group stated: “The UAE's business ecosystem has strengthened the path of Indian companies toward growth and prosperity. Many of these companies have propelled to new global heights.

The UAE government's efforts and incentives have contributed to an increase in the number of Indian companies and projects over recent years. At the same time, the Abu Dhabi Chamber was able to identify the most prominent challenges facing private sector companies in Abu Dhabi and convey their voice and aspirations to the authorities. This led to providing many solutions and positive government initiatives that enabled Indian companies to strengthen their partnerships and cooperation with investors in the UAE and abroad.Additionally, the companies benefited from the various initiatives, business opportunities, and innovative plans that the Chamber offers to investors at the local level.”


Update On20 Apr 2020

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